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We solve your sales puzzle. With artificial intelligence, your sales results will grow in ways that are impossible for humans alone. Now you can scale your business without hiring additional staff or raising marketing expenses.

AISA™ is the first, fully-trained AI Sales Associate that works like a machine because humans won’t.


AI Generated Listings

  • Have your listing descriptions generated in 15 seconds
  • Personalize the description with additional features about your property
  • Post straight into your MLS listing

Try the AI Tool

Leverage Social Media to attract leads with engaging pre-done content

  • Attract a niche audience of home buyers, sellers, and potential leads by posting relevant content from our library
  • Each month access new professionally designed content
  • Never worry about what to post or write again: captions and hashtags are written for you

Integrate multiple social platforms and post to all of them with a single action! Quickly get your content in front of multiple audiences.

Post to Multiple Mainstream Social Platforms with One Click

Automate your posting

  • Sync your social platforms directly to Zenzio to provide an overview and simple posting for the month
  • Easily fill your feed for an entire month
  • Never leave the platform to schedule posts

Engaging Email & Blog Templates

  • Easily select pre-made emails to send out to clients, prospects, and leads
  • Spend less time writing and more time engaging with customers in real life
  • Nurture leads with new emails on a continual basis

Take Your Content to the Next Level

Monthly meetings to review and send them new content ideas

We have an entire design team that does weekly research and a content review process

Hiring a Designer

$500 - $1,200 a month

Self-service for $47/mo. Social media management for $98/mo.

You need a scheduling platform

Learning curve for your designer to understand the real estate industry

They create not educate you on best practices

Our marketing experts host strategy calls and send newsletters on content tips and trends

Members of our team are active agents and well versed in finance and the mortgage industry

Schedule your posts with Zenzio to LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Or join our Managed Plan to have our team handle it.


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